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Winter is nearly here! Is your chimney ready?

Winter is shortly approaching... is your open fireplace or wood-heater ready for the cool Tasmanian winter?

It is a good decision to have your chimney cleaned annually to ensure the removal of creosote deposits or any other debris that could possibly lead to flue blockages. Not only is a clean chimney safer, but it works more efficiently too!

ClearVis offers affordable pricing for chimney sweeping. Why not enquire about having your fireplace or wood heater attended to at the same time as your window cleaning?

The picture on the right shows a local Hobart chimney which had not been cleaned for a very long time, resulting in second degree creosote buildup. For more information about creosote buildup and how to avoid it, click here.

ClearVis does not charge for callout fees and would be happy to attend your home at short notice to clear your dirty fireplace, ready for the cold frosty winter!

Phone ClearVis on 0410 257 957 for information on current flat rate pricing.

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