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Window Cleaning


ClearVis caters for both residential and commercial sectors.




Don’t let your beautiful view of the Tasmanian landscape be clouded by grime and bird droppings!


Enjoy your view and give your home a clean, fresh look – without all the hassle. ClearVis can have your windows shining straight away and save you the job that most people dread doing, or simply don’t have the time or expertise to do right.


ClearVis offers a thorough clean of your windows. Its owner and operator, Kris McIntosh, prides himself on workmanship and quality - making sure on each and every job that the householder is happy with the results.


ClearVis understands and respects its client’s privacy, in and around their home. Our business ethos is “Leave it as you found it!”.  ClearVis guarantees to take the utmost care when carrying out window cleaning and will respect your privacy and safety.


For houses that have windows that are unusually high, or difficult to get to, ClearVis uses the Waterfed Pole system that is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. 

Hobart Window Cleaner Residential
Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart
Hobart Window Cleaner Retail & Office
Retail and Office Buildings


Clean, sparkling windows say something positive about your business and operations.  Murky, dirty windows say something else...


A well maintained premises shows that you care about the space, and provides a welcoming and attractive sight for your customers/clients.  Regular cleaning will result in the presentation of a more professional front.


To assist you, ClearVis can arrange for a regular cleaning schedule that suits your budget, expectations and most importantly - helps maintain the professional image that you require.


Many businesses that engage ClearVis' services have requested early morning (outside business hours) time slots. Having the windows cleaned before the business opens means that minimal impact is made on customers entering and leaving the premises.  ClearVis is only too happy to service your windows at a time that best suits you.


ClearVis will carefully remove any paper/cardboard signs you may have attached to the windows, and return them after cleaning.  Each window is thoroughly cleaned with an applicator/sponge before using a squeegee to ensure an immaculate finish. Any residual water on the window’s edge is then gently removed by towel.  Water that has collected on the ground, in front of the window is also either towelled or mopped away.  


ClearVis is extremely serious about safety and can provide signage for any passers-by so no accidents will occur.  


For your peace of mind, ClearVis is also insured for Public Liability claims and continually reviews its safe work practices in relation to height safety. 


To avoid the associated risks of working at heights, ClearVis implements a highly effective Waterfed Pole system

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart
Waterfed Pole System


For extremely high or hard to reach windows, ClearVis implements a highly effective Waterfed Pole system, which is quicker and safer than using the traditional window cleaning method of ladders, safety harnesses and squeegees.  This technology allows the window cleaner to reach higher than he could have otherwise.  


To clean the windows without the use of a squeegee, the Waterfed Pole system produces clean, purified water.


Using regular tap water without a squeegee will leave an unsightly residue on the glass.  The Waterfed Pole System however, purifies the tap water by extracting its minerals as it passes through the system.


During the cleaning process, the pure water passes through a long, light-weight pole with a brush on the end.  The friction from the brush and the strength of the clean, purified water means marks and dirt are washed off completely, leaving the window to dry naturally with a crystal clear finish. 


This technology has revolutionized the window cleaning industry, due to its effectiveness, efficiency and reduced risks to safety.


For an obligation free quote, please contact Kris on 0410 257 957.


Hobart Window Cleaner Waterfed Pole
Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart
Hobart Window Cleaner TAS
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