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Carpet Cleaning


Living in a cold climate such as Hobart Tasmania, carpets bring warmth and insulation to your home.  Along with your own regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, it is equally important to have carpets professionally cleaned to help extend the life of you carpets and contribute to improved health - removing allergens and bacteria which build up over time.

ClearVis Carpet Cleaning carries portable steam cleaning equipment that powerfully removes dirt, stains, dust mites, odours and allergens buried deep into the fibres of your carpet.    

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Steam cleaning 


Steam cleaning, otherwise known as the ‘hot water extraction’ method, applies hot water at a high pressure which penetrates deep into your carpet, then subsequently extracted at a high pressure – removing the dirt and bacteria, resulting in dirty waste water being taken away, leaving your carpets clean and fresh. For stubborn stains, ClearVis will pre-treat the stains prior to the steam cleaning process.  

There are two carpet cleaning methods available on the market – steam cleaning and dry cleaning. ClearVis utilises the steam cleaning method which involves some drying time, rather than dry cleaning which leaves your carpets dry almost within an hour.  

The benefits of steam cleaning

Whilst both steam cleaning and dry-cleaning methods are of course effective at cleaning carpets (note – dry-cleaning is most desired for quick dry time and preferred by some householders), steam cleaning is highly effective with heavy soiling and penetrates deep into the carpet, resulting in a more thorough clean. Other methods can typically remove dirt from the surface of the carpet and might struggle to remove all residues, compromising the sanitation effect. 

Carpet drying times

As mentioned, the benefits of choosing steam cleaning rather than dry cleaning means a deeper clean, but some householders may consider drying time an issue or inconvenience. However, it doesn’t have to be so problematic – many people enjoy fresh clean carpets and cope fine with the drying time in order to obtain disinfection of not only the carpet’s surface, but what’s also beneath it. 

There is no prescribed or guaranteed time for drying, as no two carpets are the same.  Many carpet cleaning operators will prescribe between 3 to 8 hours to dry, however some carpets might take longer depending on your home’s ventilation, the type of carpet (textile blend), and the degree of soiling. Where carpets are particularly soiled, the water pressure may be increased in order to obtain a deeper, more penetrating clean.

Some materials can absorb a substantial amount of liquid easier than others and thus require more drying time. For example, wool carpets may need up to 24 hours to dry, or longer if the weather is cooler.  However, many carpets are made of synthetic blends which can easily release moisture, making the drying period shorter.

A conservative estimation is to allow 24 hours to dry, however most carpets can be dry within 8 hours (or less).  


ClearVis recommends for faster drying time, either keep windows open, put on your air-conditioner or heat pump, and make use of the fans.

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Equipment used


ClearVis utilises a professional-grade heat extractor with portability function.

For those more familiar with truck mounted machines, carpet cleaning technology has advanced over the last many years with portable machines now offering exceptional performance with regards to heating technology, bringing the not only the benefits of mobility, but extraordinary quality that is equally comparable to the truck mounted alternatives. The choice of portable machine allows access into apartments building and tighter spaces where the truck mount machines may not go. 

Carpet cleaning method


1. Kris will carefully unpack his equipment and setup inside your home. The heat extraction machine will be plugged into two available power points and Kris will fill the machine with clean water from your kitchen sink or laundry.

2. Following a vacuum, Kris will spray the carpet area with a professional-grade cleaning product. This solution will sanitise the carpet and tackle the carpets general soiling and generally any staining.


3. However, for deep penetrating stains, Kris will pre-treat any stains and if on hand, speak with you regarding unsightly markings to determine the most appropriate pre-spray treatment based on the stain type. 

4. Finally, Kris will undertake the steam cleaning process, carefully working the carpets with the machine wand – backwards movement to inject high temperature water to penetrate deep into the fabric and a subsequent forward movement to recover the water, removing the dirty waste.

5.Once the carpets have been cleaned, Kris pack up equipment and empty the machine of waste water to a suitable location, preferably the garden or laundry tub or toilet. 

6. If on hand, Kris will happily demonstrate degree of dirt removed from the carpet (for your own satisfaction that the carpets are fresh!).

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Regular carpet cleaning – how often is enough?


This is largely dependant on the degree of soiling that the carpet receives. Households with pets require more regular cleaning (say, 6 monthly), but generally speaking, a yearly clean for any household is important to maintain the durability of the carpet and hygiene within the home.

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Preparing for your visit - what should I do?


Please ensure the floors are cleared as much as possible so that no loose items are lying around.

Will you move my furniture out of the way?


In a word, no. However, Kris will happily move only small/light furniture items (for example, small coffee tables or light chairs)- but within reason. As such, Kris will steam clean around all furniture that is present on arrival.

Please note, ClearVis does not move any heavy furniture such as beds (not on wheels), desks, TVs, or computers, shelving or any other heavy furniture. In bedrooms, bedside tables with items on them such as lamps or other personal items will not be moved or touched.  

Should I be at home while you clean?

It is not necessary to be home during the cleaning process, however this is purely a personal choice and dependant on each person’s circumstances and work schedule. Many of Kris’ customers are comfortable with him cleaning their carpets whilst they’re at work out running errands. If Kris needs to chat about the history of the carpet or discuss noticeable stains, he will send a text message or note. Please speak with Kris if you have any questions or concerns and he will be happy to accommodate.

Do you clean rugs and upholstery?

ClearVis specialises in carpet cleaning only. For rug and upholstery cleaning, Kris recommends Geoff Morrisby who offers a professional service and has many years experience with the more delicate items. Geoff can be contacted on 0417 586 561. 

Stains – can you remove them all?


Kris will endeavour to remove all spots, stains marks and blemishes from your carpets and will be successful only some of the time. Unfortunately some stains may not be removed due to the nature of the marking. 

Why do you use a portable machine rather than the truck mount?

To compare the truck mounted system with the portable system - the result and quality is the same - both implement the same heat extraction cleaning method.


Granted, most Hobart carpet cleaners deal with truck mounted cleaning equipment, however the popularity of the portable machine is extensive on the mainland, with various operators implementing it as auxiliary equipment to their truck mounted system.


ClearVis uses the portable machine for its very named purpose – portability! The benefit allows access within apartment buildings and tighter spaces.   Furthermore, as a business investment it’s lighter and more cost effective that a heavy mounted machine and it puts less weight on the motor vehicle around town. 

For the home owner, the benefit of the portable machine is there are no cords or hoses running outside, leaving doors open for pets to escape, or insects to fly in!

As carpet cleaning technology has advanced over the last many years - portable machines now offer exceptional performance due to their updated heating technology, bringing not only the benefits of mobility, but quality that is equally comparable to the truck mounted alternatives.  

My carpet or rug has curling and rippling at the edges after a clean – why?

Occasionally some carpets might incur ripples or waves after the carpets have been cleaned.

In most cases, once the carpet is fully dry it will lay flat again.  Whilst some carpets might feel dry, there may still be moisture retained in the layers beneath, causing the carpets to expand. Before becoming overly alarmed, allow carpets sufficient time to dry. For some rare carpets, this might not be achieved for up to three days (particularly carpets with a loop weave, or those that contain wool or nylon material).

What causes rippling? The short answer - its due to the way the carpet was manufactured.   The long answer involves a number of contributing factors (one or more at the same time):​

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  • Latex displacement
    Caused by the manufacture of the carpet. The carpet contains an adhesive between the top fabric and the backing. Some adhesives absorb moisture more than other products and as a result, it expands and becomes readily noticeable and causes some carpets or rugs to curl and ripple in places, resulting in waves.


  • Type of carpet fibres
    Wool takes the longest to dry, and nylon is also a slow dryer. As a result, carpets containing the bulk of these fibres are more likely retain water into the backing of the carpet and the adhesive.


  • Improper installation
    Carpets need to be properly stretched into place and tacked down otherwise they will quickly fall into its previous unstretched state resulting in wrinkling.


  • Carpet ageing
    The backing and adhesive within old carpets can start to fatigue over time, affecting the integrity of the carpet, resulting in buckling.

Customer Testimonials


"The carpets look fantastic, they have come up like new. Can't believe how much dirt came out, but I shouldn't be surprised with a six year old by and a dog! It was all dry by the evening, thank you very much and i will be using your service in the future."


- Steve Page, Kingston, TAS

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