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Window Cleaning, Tolmans Hill, Tasmania


As you can see from the adjacent photo, this beautiful Tolmans Hill home was cleaned on a glorious sunny day, showing off the newly cleaned, fresh and stylish glass balustrades.   


Balustrades can be easily cleaned properly and efficiently using the Waterfed Pole method on the external glass, and the traditional applicator/squeegee method for the inside.


Glass balustrades are a stunning feature for a stylish, modern home, but of course, they require upkeep to ensure they remain clean and sparkling.  It is important that home owners avoid using commercial glass cleaners on the balustrades, as they have a tendency to leave an unsighlty residue on the glass which will become apparent on bright sunny days. 


If your verandah or outdoor entertaining area is surrounded by glass balustrades, why not enquire about incorporating them into your window cleaning quote? 


Don't leave your stunning glass balustrades covered in smears and bird droppings! Contact Kris today for an obligation free quote.

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart

Window Cleaning, Sandy Bay Tasmania


The adjacent photo was taken whilst cleaning with the Waterfed Pole method. 


The difference between the clean glass on the left and the dirty glass on the right is unmistakable.  The drips of purified water dry clear, leaving no residue – only crystal clear glass.


ClearVis prides itself on professionalism and ensures its water-fed pole system is properly maintained with new filters on a regular basis -  giving pure, clear finishes every time. 


Put ClearVis’ workmanship to the test – Kris will happily visit your home to clean your windows using the most effective methods.


Click here for information about ClearVis’s quality guarantee.

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart
Window Cleaning, Roches Beach, Tasmania


This photograph demonstrates how the windows of a coastal Tasmanian home were cleaned safely and efficiently. 


Imagine tackling this house on a windy day - teetering on a ladder and juggling a squeegee and applicator sponge at the same time…not very safe! ClearVis uses the safest window cleaning methods available rather than taking unecessary risks, as aforementioned.


The Waterfed Pole method not only allows for safety and efficiency, but acheives fantastic results.


In the age of technology, unnecessary risk taking with window cleaning is a thing of the past. To be sure, check that your Hobart window cleaner employs the safest methods around your home.


ClearVis offers quality window cleaning for all coastal suburbs around the Hobart area (and far surrounds).


Click here for more information about ClearVis’ service locations.

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart

Window Cleaning, Sandy Bay Tasmania


Starting with the glass on left and middle only….the difference is clearly evident. The adjacent photograph shows the wonderful results that comes from professional window cleaning.


The top glass is actually the sloped ceiling (hard to tell from the photo as the angles are deceiving). The outside was cleaned safely using the waterfed pole method, whilst the inside windows are in the process of being cleaned in this photo.


The murky windows on the right are covered in dust, and normally the home’s occupiers wouldn’t easily notice this build up, but the difference once the windows are cleaned is undeniable.


Unsure whether your beautiful Tasmanian home needs its windows cleaned by a professional? Make your own mind up by engaging ClearVis to clean your windows and see the difference yourself.


ClearVis offers reasonable prices and is happy to customise a regular cleaning schedule to suit your specific needs and budget. For example, you might choose to have all the inside and out windows cleaned (whole package), or just all the outside windows. Alternatively, you might just require certain windows (e.g. the ‘hero’ windows) to be cleaned.


Contact Kris today to work out a regular schedule to suit you!

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart

Window Cleaning, Howrah Tasmania


Glass roofs or ceilings can be cleaned safely and efficiently, bringing excellent results. 


This photograph shows the benefits of using the Waterfed Pole method – no need to walk across the roof and then awkwardly squat down to use the squeegee and applicator!  


The Waterfed Pole system is far more efficient compared to the traditional window cleaning methods of ladders and squeegees.  


Using more efficient methods means less workers on the job, thereby allowing for more reasonable pricing (no need to pay for the time of two window cleaners when the job can be done by one professional cleaner).


Ensure your Hobart window cleaner implements the most safe and efficient methods!


Contact Kris for an obligation free quote today!.

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart

Window Cleaning, Sandy Bay Tasmania


The adjacent photo demonstrates window cleaning up to three stories high, without physicallly leaving the ground. 


The main ‘hero’ windows of this stylish Sandy Bay home were cleaned efficiently using the Waterfed Pole method. The final results were fantastic... and simply brought about by using the most safe and effective method.


The outside windows were cleaned easily using the safe Waterfed Pole system, whilst the inside windows were accessed using a squeegee-pole via the internal stair case.  


Many iconic homes in Hobart have been built with beautiful glass feature windows. 


Understandably, many of these magnificent Tasmanian homes require regular maintenance due to our changeable Tasmanian climate. Wind and dust tends to dull these otherwise stunning windows, resulting in a need for regular window cleaning. 


ClearVis can happily provide you with a regular cleaning schedule that suits your needs and budget.


Don't allow Hobart's erratic weather to dull your gorgeous view!


Contact Kris today for an obligation free quote!

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart

Window Cleaning, Carlton River Tasmania


The benefit of living in the most beautiful State in Australia is looking out at the picturesque landscapes or water views that are common to many Tasmanians.


Be it the water views in Sandy Bay, the sprawling roofs, trees and gardens in West Hobart, the beaches of Tranmere, Howrah or Bellerive or the hills and landscapes from everywhere or anywhere else.... practically anywhere in Tasmania your faced with beauty.


Don’t take your surrounds for granted!


Take the time to find out about the price of window cleaning for your beautiful Hobart home.


ClearVis prides itself on professionalism and workmanship and would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Contact ClearVis today for an obligation free quote.

Window Cleaner Hobart, Window Cleaning Hobart
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