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Workplace Health & Safety


In accordance with Australian Work Health & Safety Laws and the Code of Practice for the Preparation of Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Chemicals, ClearVis makes available the relevant SDS’s for all chemicals and cleaning solutions utilised by the business.

ClearVis keeps all hard copy SDS’s on hand so they are readily accessible for all workers involved in using, handling or storing the chemicals at the workplace or anyone else who may be exposed to the chemical. 

Gold Rush 

Carpet cleaning prespray detergent concentrate


Performance Plus 

Wool safe carpet prespray detergent



Carpet browning treatment and coffee destainer


Citrus Pro

Carpet cleaning citrus booster


CT Spot

Coffee and tannin stain remover


Pet Spot

Urine spot and browning treatment

Protein Spot 

spotter for protein based stains

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