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Professionalism - what does it really mean?!

ClearVis Window Cleaning Hobart prides itself of professionalism. As indicated by the words above, our business motto is “Professional window cleaning – at an affordable price”.

As a small business operator in Hobart Tasmania, many of my happy customers have appreciated the professional approach. Originally hailing from Brisbane, experience has shown that city trades and services can be very competitive and expectations are high, so professionalism and customer service is a top priority.

From the perspective of a fellow customer and average consumer, I apply ‘the golden rule’ when operating in business, ‘treat others as you want to be treated’. In seeking trades or services for my family, or myself, naturally I’m hoping for genuine help and good service. I place a high degree of trust in the service provider.

Below is a list of qualities that true professionalism should comprise. ClearVis strives to adopt these qualities as part of its regular business services:

  • Competency

First and foremost, at the very least, a professional tradesperson should be competent in their specialised area. ClearVis specialises in quality window cleaning services and provides the necessary knowledge and skills, backed up by many years experience.

  • Reliability and Accountability

True professionals can be relied upon to always get the job done properly and deliver what they said they would - and on time.

If things don’t go exactly to plan, they do not look for excuses to deliver a subpar outcome for the customer. A true professional will do their best to provide the best outcome for the price quoted.

All ClearVis’s window cleaning work is backed by its Quality Guarantee. For more information about this window cleaning warranty, click here.

  • Honesty and Integrity

Professionals always tell the truth and never compromise their values. They will do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances.

ClearVis prides itself on honest, quality workmanship - never cutting corners just to get the job done. Backed by the ClearVis Quality Guarantee, ClearVis ensures that customers are satisfied with the quality of work and maintains a trusting relationship with all its valued customers.

  • Respect for people and property

Treating all people with respect and kindness; and delivering a polite and friendly manner is all part and parcel of being professional.

Kris’s customer approach is ‘service with a smile’, whilst showing genuine respect for you, your home and property. ClearVis respects customer privacy and carefully ensures that your property and belongings are not moved or interrupted in the course of servicing your home. The ClearVis business ethos is ‘leave it as you found it!’.

If you are looking for a window cleaner that adopts the above business practices, along with affordable and competitive pricing, contact ClearVis on 0410 257 957.

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