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Selling your house? Consider the important finishing touches

Its a good idea to think of ways to improve your house before putting it on the market, not only to attract potential buyers, but to achieve the end result - an acceptable offer.

Many people would agree, when it comes to looking for a new home or investment, the real estate’s photos can often look fantastic online, but the actual inspection can bring a

few surprises – sometimes the house is not what you expected, or it’s a little ‘rough around the edges’.

In our busy modern world, many home buyers are looking for a house that they can simply move into and feel comfortable; requiring little fix up so that they can move on with their demanding jobs and busy lifestyle. Consider the position of someone looking to buy your home – on inspection, if they’re feel your house is a bit rough or just doesn’t ‘feel right’ (sometimes they can’t work out why, its just a feeling), chances are, they might keep looking elsewhere, and the next house they inspect might be the one that just feels good, probably due to those little finishing touches.

There’s a lot of useful advice online about how to prepare your property for sale. As mentioned by, ‘Your Property Presentation Checklist’, one important task is to have your windows cleaned.

Why is window cleaning so important?

A most common feature for Tasmanian homes is the variety of beautiful views, e.g. water, mountains, hills or sprawling rooftops. This can be an outstanding selling point, particularly for interstate buyers who are not accustomed to these stunning landscapes. Naturally, some long time locals might take these views for granted – please don’t make this mistake!

Why should I have my windows cleaned professionally?

You only have the one opportunity to impress potential buyers, so make it a winner. As mentioned in previous blog posts, to clean windows and glass PROPERLY, it requires skill – and not everyone has it! The benefits of hiring a professional is that you know it will be done right and see the results every time. For more information about the benefits of professional window cleaning, refer to the blog - The benefits of hiring a professional window cleaner….the pros and cons of DIY cleaning,

The adjacent picture was taken while window cleaning for a customer who owns a beautiful Hobart home....beautiful, yet typical of a Tasmanian home. What a stunning picture to look out upon - please don't take this feature for granted!

When it eventually comes time to put your house on the market, why not contact ClearVis Window Cleaning Hobart for an obligation free quote?

ClearVis does not charge a callout fee and would be happy to provide a competitive and reasonable price to have your windows sparkling, ready for open inspection.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Kris on 0410 257 957.

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