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Prevent hard water staining on your glass...

As a window cleaner, there is nothing more satisfying than leaving a job knowing that every window looks immaculate. Sadly though, on rare occasions, some windows might not be able to be restored to their original glory, even with a great deal of care and attention. This is the case with windows dulled by hard water staining.

What’s hard water staining?

Serious hard water staining is a process that takes time, often when windows haven't been cleaned for many years. The most typical example of hard water staining can be lower level windows that have been consistently hit by tap water from a hose or sprinkler over many months or years.

The stains are a result of mineral deposits passed on from tap water. Minerals find their way into water when it comes into contact with limestone and other rocks. For example, when rainwater flows over rocks on its way to a reservoir, minerals will be dissolved into the water supply. The resulting water ‘hardness’ (or level of mineral content) varies from each municipal water supply, but in all cases, regular town tap water will most certainly contain dissolved minerals.

The mineral content of your home’s water can probably be noticed in your kettle. When tap water is boiled, the heat separates the mineral compounds from the water, gradually leaving a lime scale build up on your appliance. This is considered quite normal, and not typically hazardous to health. But for your home’s windows however, it can be a little annoying! When tap water dries and evaporates on glass, it leaves unwanted mineral deposits, which can build up over time.

If your window glass has been affected by hard water, at first, you probably wouldn’t notice the mineral build up. Over time, however, if left unchecked, mineral deposits will start to build into a light haze. Unfortunately most people will mistake this for a dirty window. It is at this point, with a little care and attention, that your glass could probably be restored to its original clear and sparkling condition. If you do some research online, DIY website will recommend vinegar or bi-carb soda, which may work effectively in removing the mineral layer.

Unfortunately, if the buildup is left longer without any intervention, the minerals will be absorbed into the glass, and baked on by the sun. Sadly, this is the point of no return. It is almost impossible to remove the deposits without damaging the glass surface. The glass would have to be buffed out, using special buffer and pad.

How to fix it

You might try buffing the water stains out yourself by purchasing a DIY product. There are various online retailers who offer hard water buffing kits and polish. The only downside is that this process take a lot of time and wont necessarily guarantee absolute results.

Another option is to contact a professional glass polisher or hard water remover. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this blog, there appears to be little or no online presence of glass polishers in Hobart, but some thorough research on your part might prove more conclusive. Please email me if you are aware of a business that offers effective hard water stain removal, as I would be happy to recommend. In some instances, it may be necessary to have the glass replaced.


The best advice is to prevent hard water staining, rather than trying to fix it. As mentioned previously, the most common cause of hard water staining is from hoses and sprinklers. It’s a wise decision to adjust sprinkler heads so water doesn’t spray onto your glass windows, doors, balustrades or partitions. In some instances, hard water staining might result from pressure washing your house with a hose, leaving the water to dry without wiping it off.

Regular window cleaning will eliminate the chances of hard water staining.

Why not enquire about the cost of regular window cleaning? ClearVis uses the most effective methods, using an applicator and squeegee to clean off the water before it dries on your glass. Furthermore, ClearVis uses purified water, produced by a WaterFed Pole system to properly clean your glass, leaving them crystal clear.

If you would like to enquire about the cost of regular window cleaning, contact ClearVis on 0410 257 957.

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