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It’s going to rain! Should I cancel my window cleaning appointment?

Although the second driest city in Australia, Hobart experiences a lot of rainy days. Mostly though, when it does rain, its in the form of a light drizzle.

If you've made an appointment for your windows to be professionally cleaned, likely you'll be concerned if the weather report is suggesting rain. Should you reschedule your appointment at the first sight of rain? Or are there other options available?

If rain is expected, ClearVis will contact you to discuss your options, as the decision is entirely yours and Kris will respect your choice. ClearVis offers a Rain Guarantee and depending on the circumstances, Kris will suggest the following options:

Ideally, you don't necessarily need to cancel your appointment, as light rain will not make the windows dirty. Rainwater is clean, similar to the purified water produced by the ClearVis Water-fed Pole System. For typical Hobart rain (light, drizzly and patchy), Kris would be more than happy to honor his appointment and keep a close eye on the weather. In most cases, it might rain for half an hour or so, and then stop for a few hours. Kris will take the opportunity to work on your windows when the rain stops (or in between patches of rain).

In other circumstances, if the rain is combined with a strong wind or turns into a downpour, Kris will suggest that you reschedule your appointment due to safety concerns and most importantly, the wind will affect the cleaning result. Although rain itself will not make the windows dirty – wind combined with rain results in dirty windows. When raindrops hit the window’s surrounds (which is generally covered in a film of dust/dirt), the drops are pushed onto the glass, leaving dirty marks when the window dries.

ClearVis Rain Guarantee

If your beautiful clean windows become dirty through a huge downpour of rain, dust storm or bird excrement within 5 days of your last ClearVis clean, please contact Kris and he will return to touch it up for you for free!

If you would like to find out more about ClearVis' services, or an obligation free quote, phone Kris on 0410 257 957.

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