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Working from Heights - Window Cleaners should never take risks

ABC’s 7:30 Report on 10th April 2014 highlighted the sobering statistics regarding falls from heights. According to the Government body Safe Work Australia, falls from heights are a major cause of death and injury in Australian workplaces. On average, around 26 workers fall to their deaths each year and nearly 8,000 others are injured. To view the video and/or transcript, click here.

When choosing a professional window cleaner, it’s important make certain that he/she implements safe and effective methods.

Being a city of hills and stunning views, Hobart residents looking for a window cleaner who live in Sandy Bay, Battery Point, West Hobart, South Hobart, Glebe, Mount Nelson, West Moonah, or Mount Stuart – need to ensure their window cleaner works both safely and effectively, due to the likelihood of heights being involved.

The Waterfed Pole system has completely changed the window cleaning industry, bringing peace of mind to not only window cleaners, but householders who employ their services. ClearVis implements this most safe and effective method wherever possible in servicing its Hobart clientele.

Rather than taking risks with ladders on sloping terrain, ClearVis operates the safe Waterfed Pole system from ground level, which contributes to health & safety, but also reduces the intrusion to its client’s privacy. The Waterfed Pole system’s hose is light, long and thin which allows it to reach easily around obstructions such as vehicles, walls or garden objects.

Don’t take risks with safety. Remember the motto “Work safe – home safe”. For further information regarding safe work practices, visit

“If you would like to take advantage of our safe and effective window cleaning methods, do not hesitate to call us for an obligation free quote. We are a professional husband and wife team who pride ourselves on safety and quality workmanship. For an obligation free quote, call Kris on 0410 257 957.

Kind Regards

Kris & Ashlee”

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