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ClearVis specialises in professional window cleaning and cares about providing the most practical advice for householders and loyal customers.  


Please feel free to peruse Kris's regular blog posts for the latest ClearVis news and practical tips to assist you in maintaining your beautiful Hobart home.


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If you’re considering selling your home, naturally, you'd want the best possible price for it - because after all, you've worked hard to keep it, and for most Australian families, its your major financial asset.  To achieve this though, it might require some time, effort and attention to prepare your house for sale.


Its a good idea to think of ways to improve your house before putting it on the market, not only to attract potential buyers, but to achieve the end result - an acceptable o...

Winter is shortly approaching... is your open fireplace or wood-heater ready for the cool Tasmanian winter? 

It is a good decision to have your chimney cleaned annually to ensure the removal of creosote deposits or any other debris that could possibly lead to flue blockages.  Not only is a clean chimney safer, but it works more efficiently too!


ClearVis offers affordable pricing for chimney sweeping.  Why not enquire about having your fireplace or wood heater attended to at the same time as your window clea...

ClearVis Window Cleaning Hobart prides itself of professionalism.  As indicated by the words above, our business motto is “Professional window cleaning – at an affordable price”.


As a small business operator in Hobart Tasmania, many of my happy customers have appreciated the professional approach.  Originally hailing from Brisbane, experience has shown that city trades and services can be very competitive and expectations are high, so professionalism and customer service is a top priority....

As a window cleaner, there is nothing more satisfying than leaving a job knowing that every window looks immaculate. Sadly though, on rare occasions, some windows might not be able to be restored to their original glory, even with a great deal of care and attention. This is the case with windows dulled by hard water staining.


What’s hard water staining?


Serious hard water staining is a process that takes time, often when windows haven't been cleaned for many years.  The most typical example of hard wa...

Further to my December blog post, 'Choosing the right window cleaner, six questions to ask' - one of the most important things to check before commissioning a window cleaner for a job is - "do you value safety and implement safe work practices?".  This might sound a little 'over the top', but the reality is, some window cleaning specialists might be overconfident or...sorry to say....foolish.


Below is an example of a window cleaner attempting to clean a city building. As demonstrat...

Although the second driest city in Australia, Hobart experiences a lot of rainy days.  Mostly though, when it does rain, its in the form of a light drizzle. 


If you've made an appointment for your windows to be professionally cleaned, likely you'll be concerned if the weather report is suggesting rain.   Should you reschedule your appointment at the first sight of rain? Or are there other options available? 


If rain is expected, ClearVis will contact you to discuss y...

Many people would agree, when it comes to hiring trades and services for your home, it can be a challenge to find the right person for the job. 


There are many excellent window cleaners in Hobart - but making sure that you choose the right one will take some investigation.  Below are six questions to ask any prospective window cleaner.  By asking these questions upfront, you’ll be able to make an educated, informed decision.


Are you an experienced window cleaner?   Select a Hobart window cleaner...

When it comes to deciding whether to hire a professional window cleaner, or tackle the job yourself – the decision is entirely up to you!   Here is a list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.  There are a few factors to consider- time, energy, safety, skill and cost.


Time.  Typically, for a DIY window cleaner, you come to realize that there’s a ‘knack’ to window cleaning, so of course, it might take more than one attempt to have a window looking right! For the DIY window cleane...

Customers often ask, “What chemicals do you use to clean my windows?”


This is potentially the most controversial topic for the window cleaning fraternity.  What’s the best window cleaning solution to put in the bucket?


Some people might conclude that all professional window cleaners would use a hard-core cleaning chemical that cuts through grease and dirt - and for efficiency, to eliminate any time wasting scrubbing or scraping.


If you do a Google search, most DIY window cleaning websites will recommend an...

In addition to window cleaning, ClearVis also offers chimney sweeping services!


Why not incorporate a chimney clean into your window cleaning visit - have both services done together?


Check out Kris' recent customer review:


"I am very happy we asked Kris to sweep our chimney. It hadn't been done for decades and was a very dirty job. Kris was available at short notice, arrived timely, had all the necessary equipment. He closed off the chimney with plastic sheets so there was barely any dust in the room...

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